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​* IRS to start processing tax returns on Jan 22nd. 
​* Delayed refunds for filers with Earned income credit and additional child tax credit.                    Anticipated first refund dispursement date is Febraury 27th.
​* The new tax bill will not affect the 2017 tax returns.
​* Healthcare penalty still enforced for 2017 tax returns.
​* You will need the 1095A form if you had health care through the marketplace in 2017. Not        providing the form will cause a delay in receiving your refund. Contact your insurance              company to access the form.
​* Education Credit requires the 1098T form to be reported on the 2017 tax return. Contact          your univeristy or access your student account to access the form.

We are a locally family owned accounting firm offering business and individuals top notch services at prices you can afford. We have been serving Kentuckiana for the last 9 years. We have an office in the southend of Lousivlle and a home office in Floyds Knobs, IN. Regardless of what side of the river you live on we can help you.

​​​Malissa Menne, President

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