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​​ ​​ Changes for 2019 FILING SEASON

​* IRS to start processing tax returns on Jan 28th 
​* Delayed refunds for filers with Earned income credit and additional child tax credit.                 Anticipated first refund dispursement is late Febraury.
​* 2017 Tax Reform bill went into effect on 1/1/2018. There are lots of changes for 2018.
​* Healthcare penalty still enforced for 2018 tax returns.​ You will need the 1095A form if you    had health care through the marketplace.
​* Education Credit requires the 1098T form to be reported on the 2018 tax return.
* Child tax credit is now $2000 per qualifying child.
* Standard deduction increased.
* Changes to mortgage interest and equity loan interest.
* Reminder you need your driver's license or government ID to file taxes.

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